Reflection: Coherence The Defining Pi Project, Day 7 - Section 2: Work Time


What’s happening on this part of the project is, I think, what the Common Core means by “coherence.”  We’re working on a few mathematical practices at once to solidify knowledge of the content.  We recognize that we want to move into abstraction, and that we want to attend to precision as best we can (MP2, MP6).  We want to see how abstraction – for example, writing a formula – actually helps us gain an even greater level of precision than we achieved on today’s opener (MP4).  The fewer chances we have to round values and introduce error, the more precise our calculations will be.  Once we have our abstractions, we’ve also developed the necessity for using tools: if we input our formulas into computer software, we’ll achieve greater levels of precision than were possible when we were moving back and forth between paper and a calculator (MP5).  In the final part of this project, which is handed out at the end of class today, students are asked to compare their results from Part 2 of the project to the values in their spreadsheets (MP8).

  Mathematical Practice
  Coherence: Mathematical Practice
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The Defining Pi Project, Day 7

Unit 6: Trigonometry: Circles
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Objective: This is a workshop period in which some of the project's key ideas come together. Students work to generalize the calculations they have been making throughout the project.

Big Idea: Students work to develop their own general forumlas, and Excel is used as a tool that helps develop algebraic reasoning skills.

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Math, Trigonometry, Precalculus and Calculus, pi, precision, excel, Mathematical Writing, 12th Grade
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