Reflection: Accountability Uniform Acceleration Calculations Review Day - Section 2: Inner Outer Circle Review Activity


This is one of my favorite review activities and one of the students' favorites as well. After my students finished this activity they told me that they felt much more prepared for the problem part of the test. I like this activity because the students have to explain their thought process to another student on how to solve the problems if another student doesn't understand which gives them more practice than just solving the problems. It is a great cooperative learning activity where students rely on each other and is set up in such a way that I am able to focus on helping students that really are still struggling with the material.

  Cooperative learning review that keeps students accountable
  Accountability: Cooperative learning review that keeps students accountable
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Uniform Acceleration Calculations Review Day

Unit 3: Uniform Acceleration Motion
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to identify the correct acceleration equation to use based on information given in a problem.

Big Idea: Students use multiple acceleration equations to solve problems.

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