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This year, I had a student in class who had had previous exposure to standard deviation. She described her experience at another school and said she was just shown how to calculate standard deviation on the calculator and how to apply it to problem situations. She commented that it was interesting to see how it is calculated and to think of the puzzle of which set of data is more spread out if they have the same mean and median.  I appreciated this comment as I think it is important for students to understand how standard deviation is developed and how close it is to mean absolute deviation (which I think makes a lot of sense to students when they think of how far a data item is away from the mean).

  Why not just use a calculator?
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Why not just use a calculator?
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Standard Deviation

Unit 5: Data and Statistics
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Objective: SWBAT calculate standard deviation.

Big Idea: How can we measure how spread out a data set is? Students learn how to calculate standard deviation and apply it to some data sets they have been working with.

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