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I made some changes to the Reasoning and Angle Relationships unit test this year.  I wanted to include a problem that would encourage students to reason about vertical angles using transformations.  In problem #10, I asked students to provide at least two well-justified arguments about vertical angles.  Since students needed to make more than one argument, they could talk about rotating the angles 180 degrees or reflecting the angles so they map onto each other; they could also make an algebraic argument or use the idea that supplements to the same angle are congruent.  At any rate, my goal was to create an opportunity for students to use transformations ideas to make sense of vertical angles.


I was happy with problem #13 and the way it forced students to tease apart Rocio’s and Robert’s thinking.  This gave me a way to assess whether students really understand the structure of an “if…then…” statement and whether they are using only the information given to draw the correct conclusion.  Despite the fact that both Rocio and Robert use the same words in their argument, only one of them, Robert, is correct.   This is the kind of problem that really surfaced students’ facility with using deductive reasoning.

  Unit Exams: Weaving in Transformations
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Angles Unit Assessment

Unit 4: Discovering and Proving Angle Relationships
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Objective: Students will be able to solve problems and justify their reasoning by applying their understanding of vertical pairs, linear pairs, corresponding, and alternate interior angles.

Big Idea: After reviewing with their groups, students will show what they know about angle relationships on the unit assessment.

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