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I found that this periodic table was only as good as the worst element that was allowed to be added to the final product. The students wanted to rush the element drawing. Many students went straight to wikipedia and constructed a silly drawing, i.e. a student drew a pictures of a automobile named Cobalt to represent the Cobalt element.

I was more flexible with the theoretical elements (Ununtrium - 113) as they may have only existed for fractions of a second in a single experiment. Have a clear idea of what is an acceptable product before starting this activity.

  Only as good as the worst element
  Rigor: Only as good as the worst element
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Periodic Table Bulletin Board

Unit 3: Periodic Table
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to build a model of the periodic table, element by element, to gain an understanding of the patterns within the table.

Big Idea: To understand the periodic table, students build the periodic table.

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