Reflection: Checks for Understanding What Is The Difference Between Bodies of Water - Section 5: Closing


What we teach and what children learn are not always the same. We can teach a great lesson, but what students walk away with is not what we intended for them to learn. In order to make sure that students have the understanding we want them to have, we need to provide a way for students to share their understandings and to bring closure to the lesson.

I have asked students to write in their journals about what a river is. They sorted attributes of rivers, oceans, lakes and ponds and streams. I know that at the beginning of the unit several of the students did not know the difference between streams, rivers and ponds. Can they now clarify what makes a river different from each of the others. 

As I read the papers I find clear attributes of a river and I feel that students have internalized the concepts of bodies of water and that I can move on to how water can change the shape of the land.

  Bringing Closure to A Lesson
  Checks for Understanding: Bringing Closure to A Lesson
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What Is The Difference Between Bodies of Water

Unit 3: Understanding Our Earth
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT differentiate between different forms of bodies of water

Big Idea: Fresh water on earth can be found in a variety of different formats. Drinking water comes from some of these sources.

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Science, wind (Weather), erosion, Venn diagram, reasoning, landforms
  45 minutes
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