Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Shapes of the Land - Section 4: Making a Model of Land Forms


It is important in science to make connections to prior learning. Teachers can not expect to teach a concept once and then assume that children have learned it enough to use and apply it. Students need to connect to that prior learning. I stop the lesson part way through when I see students making mountains and hills the same height, and ponds bigger than the base of mountains. I ask students if they remember when we built a model of the playground. "What did we need to remember?" (To make things all similar in size.) "How did we do that?" (we measured). I tell students that while we can't go out and measure each mountain or stream, we can use relative size. Is a pond bigger or smaller than the base of a mountain? (smaller).  I suggest a few other comparisons of relative size and then have students return to their work and think about that.

The final projects are much more to scale after the tie to former work than they were before I helped students make the connection.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Relative Size
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Shapes of the Land

Unit 3: Understanding Our Earth
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify at least 3 different land forms

Big Idea: The earth may be mostly water, but the land beneath the oceans, and around it is made up of many different formations

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