Reflection: ELL Students Can You Hear Me Now?-Exploring Our Sense of Hearing - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


My students really enjoyed listening to the sounds that I downloaded from the free sound effect site.  It helped my students, especially my ELL students make connections that they would not have been able to make otherwise. 

After the end of the lesson, we had some extra time, so I went on the site and chose several sounds for the students to listen to.  I had them try to guess what each sound was.  They had so much fun guessing the sounds and we discussed how some sounds were difficult to figure out because they were not "in context".  We were hearing the sounds in a different place than what we usually would hear them (i.e.-a garbage disposal).  This activity exposed my ELL students to some new English vocabulary in a fashion that was new and intriguing. 

The next day, one of my EL students came to me and said..."Listen?"  I thought he wanted me to listen to something he had to say.  Instead, he pointed to the computer and again said, "Listen?"  Finally, I made the connection.  He wanted to listen to some more sounds and what was also exciting was that he was correctly using the word "listen".  Now, when we have a few minutes free during the day we listen to some different sound effects and try to guess what they are.  For auditory ELL learners, this might assist the acquisition of new vocabulary.

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Can You Hear Me Now?-Exploring Our Sense of Hearing

Unit 2: My Five Senses
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to describe what their sense of hearing is and the body structure associated with it by classifying different types of sounds.

Big Idea: Observation is such an important part of science work. This lesson helps students better understand what their sense of hearing is, preparing them for using it as part of their science observation skills.

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Science, senses, Sight, Taste, Touch, smell
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