Reflection: Gradual Release Biomes Experts - Section 3: Active Engagement


This lesson highlights the idea of students having the locus of control in a classroom.  Yes, I explained what the series of lessons would be and what the end result needed to be.  However, how the students got to the end point, and what they shared once there, was completely up to them.

At the point of presenting, I was able to insert information as an audience member, not a director of the show.  The students knew that what they were sharing is what they determined to be valuable and important.  My information was an add on. 

Creating these types of situations puts students in the driver's seats, and you will never be let down in doing this, as they will never want to crash the car! The effort they put towards learning and presenting is high level and impressive. 

  Locus of Control
  Gradual Release: Locus of Control
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Biomes Experts

Unit 4: Ecosystems and Biological Evolution
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to present information about an assigned biome to their peers.

Big Idea: Often times in science, elementary students need exposure to conceptual topics before they can be asked to experiment. This lesson allows children to explore and research various biomes with the intention of teaching others.

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Science, research skills, biome, adaptation, environment, research, fossils
  45 minutes
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