Reflection: Real World Applications Properties of Waves: Making Waves Visible - Section 5: Student Modeling and Formative Assessment With Slinkies


From this point on in the year, I no longer ask students to be quiet or to lower their voices.  Instead,  I ask them to prevent the creation of longitudinal waves.  While corny, I find speaking in science vocabulary about everyday situations helps students in connecting to the concepts in the real world.  And, I encourage my students to do the same.  We set aside class time for what we like to call "Scientist, say what?".  I have also created a bulletin board with this same title that students can add to.  This is a place where students can talk about normally simple things using science vocabulary and concepts.  For example, after chilly, snowy Halloween, a student asked if they could share a "Scientist, say what?" moment.  They stood up in front of the class and explained that when they went trick-or-treating when they kept thinking, "Man, I wish the molecules had more kinetic energy right now."  Celebrating vocabulary and real world examples in a somewhat "corny" manner seems to work for middle school students.  

  Scientist Say What
  Real World Applications: Scientist Say What
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Properties of Waves: Making Waves Visible

Unit 1: Waves: An Introduction and Exploration of Wave Properties
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Objective: Students will be able to identify that there are various types of waves with properties that are similar and different, identify properties of waves and create models that demonstrate relationships.

Big Idea: Wave properties need to be visible to students to promote understanding. Use tuning forks, rope springs, and slinkies to model waves and their properties!

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