Reflection: Intervention and Extension Sine and Cosine Day 1 of 2 - Section 3: Closure


Depending on my students' progress today I sometimes assign Problem 1 of the homework in Computing Sines and Cosines by Using a Circle resource. If the students are struggling with understanding the connection with sine and cosine or how to draw the angles, I will give the students more practice. I determine who is struggling by asking questions like: 

  • If I gave you an ordered pair like (5, 12) how would you find sine and cosine?
  • Can you write a rule on how to find sine and cosine if you know a point in the coordinate plane? Let the point be (x,y)

If I think my students can see the connections without doing another set of measuring activities, I like to give students Questions 3 and 4 for homework. Being able to estimate the trigonometric values is a great skill to check if answers are reasonable when solving problems with trigonometric functions.

  Intervention and Extension: Homework alternative
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Sine and Cosine Day 1 of 2

Unit 7: Trigonometry as a Real-Valued Functions
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT evaluate sine and cosine measurements of angles graphed on a coordinate plane.

Big Idea: Students explore angles on a circle and measure values for the x and y coordinate to develop a method for evaluating trigonometric functions using the coordinate plane.

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