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Balancing equations and drawing Bohr diagrams can be conceptually difficult for some students to understand while other students catch on right away.  This lesson is designed to help students review these concepts (balancing equations and Bohr models) with the appropriate level of support.  The websites for balancing equations provide students with immediate feedback regarding their responses and provided varying levels of challenge for students at different levels of understanding.  During this time, I am able to work individually with students to help them increase their understanding of the topic.  Students are also able to work with one of their group members.  This encourages the students to begin to take responsibility for their own understanding and to help their classmates.

  Reviewing Key Concepts
  Intervention and Extension: Reviewing Key Concepts
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Bohr and Balance - a Review

Unit 2: Chemistry
Lesson 16 of 19

Objective: SWBAT independently complete Bohr models and balance increasingly difficult equations.

Big Idea: This lesson provides students with the opportunity to receive guided instruction and work independently on balancing equations and drawing Bohr models.

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