Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Part One - Submersible Model: Soda Cup Lander - Section 4: Parts and Design Investigation


Sometimes students give answers that are tangential to the lesson, in those instances I look for an aspect of what the student said to help redirect the discussion

  Discourse and Questioning: Redirecting Discussions
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Part One - Submersible Model: Soda Cup Lander

Unit 3: Unit 3 - Deep Ocean to Rocky Shore Adaptations and Submersible Designs
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: SWBAT develop questions and use a diagram (schematic) to explain how 'soda cup lander' descends and ascends in water.

Big Idea: Engineers learn how a 'soda cup lander' works and collaborate and plan with peers to modify the 'soda cup lander' to address a selected challenge.

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