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Common Core math looks very different from the way the parents of my students learned math when they were in middle school.  I want to be sure that students are practicing math at home, so I assign homework almost every night of the school year.  I know that parents are an important part of practice at home.  On my homework assignments, I provide a completed example of a problem.  This way, students have a resource they can use if they get stuck.  

The completed example also helps parents to see what the work looks like.  This serves two main purposes:  parents can use the example as a resource, in case they need help understanding the 'new' math; and, parents can compare the work their children produce to what my exemplar looks like.  Here's a sample of my Homework.

  Homework: Supporting Students - and Parents! - with Homework
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Division: Two-Digit Divisors, Part 2

Unit 1: Number Sense
Lesson 13 of 19

Objective: SWBAT apply the steps of the division algorithm to find the quotient of a three-digit dividend and a two-digit divisor and use estimation to gauge the reasonableness of the quotient.

Big Idea: The division algorithm is an efficient way to determine a quotient given any division context.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, division of Korea, factoring polynomial expressions, Decimals, division, 2 digit divisors, long division, multiples, distributive property, greatest common factor, least common multiple, multiplying
  60 minutes
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