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I often end my lessons with a video that is selected to confirm what the students have discovered through their own experimentation or research. Science content in middle school can be challenging for students as they are moving from thinking concretely to thinking abstractly about their world. The video confirms their thinking or adds clarity if what they understand is still foggy.

Also most learners are visual learners, closing with a video give students an opportunity to develop images to attach to their research. Videos also helps struggling learnings and ELL students make connections to the vocabulary.

  Ending with a Video
  Intervention and Extension: Ending with a Video
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Defining Earth Layers

Unit 2: Earth Science
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT label and define the layers of the Earth using Cornell style notes

Big Idea: Our planet is much more than the 3rd rock from the Sun. We will take a closer look at the layers of our planet.

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