Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines 6. Weather Instruments - Section 4: Explain


During the explain portion of the lesson, I selected the one minute sentence summary strategy for students demonstrate their understanding on a weather instrument.  I find this strategy forces students to really focus on relevant details from the reading passages during stations and organize them into one sentence, capturing the main ideas.  This strategy gives student an opportunity to practice sentence writing skills.

In this lesson, I use the one minute sentence summary strategy with cooperative groups.  Since groups are heterogeneously mixed, use of this strategy encourages all students to participate.  With teamwork required to write the one sentence summary, peers support one another through discussion on the main ideas which develops critical thinking amongst all participants. In conjunction with the one minute summary, I have assigned specific tasks to each member.  This ensures active participation by all members.  Depending upon levels of my English language earners and special education students, I provide sentence frames for them to develop their one sentence summary.  It is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their understanding of the weather instrument by focusing on the content rather than struggling with the writing.


  One Minute Sentence Summary
  Writing Across the Disciplines: One Minute Sentence Summary
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6. Weather Instruments

Unit 1: Weather
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT explain how weather data is collected, analyzed, and used to predict weather in an area.

Big Idea: Students discover how scientific instruments are used to forecast weather by examining six weather instrument models, reading passages about each one to report its use and importance in collecting weather data from the atmosphere.

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Science, climate, Weather and Atmospheric Science, rainfall, stations, real world application, Air, storm
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