Reflection: Checks for Understanding Convection Currents - Section 4: Connecting the Learning


Since I cannot conference with every student every day, I ask them to attend to details when drawing and writing their observations. I find this is the key to correctly assessing if students are understanding all aspects of a lesson. We review and correct observations as a whole class if needed to model what a exemplary response should look like.

As I check the science journals, I note which students are far off the mark and make sure to conference with them individually or in a small group to check further for understanding. These students remain on my radar for future lessons so I can support them in their work. 

  Reviewing Student Observations with Students
  Checks for Understanding: Reviewing Student Observations with Students
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Convection Currents

Unit 2: Earth Science
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify that temperature change impacts the density of a substance, and the resulting change can cause movement inside the Earth.

Big Idea: What causes tectonic plate movement? Could the answer be the convection currents in the mantle?

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