Reflection: Modeling Why do Animals Need Energy? - Section 3: Explore, Reflect, & Apply


In the middle of student exploration, I notice some students need more support with "reading between the lines" and making connections. Some groups read through the whole text and claim to not be able to find any details to complete their Animal Research webs. I know I need to provide more support!

So I ask everyone to return to the carpet so that I can model how to make text-based inferences and how to read closely for information that doesn't obviously fit into the graphic organizer. Using the Jumping Spider text, I show students how to complete the graphic organizer: Jumping Spiders Teacher Model Research Web

Following this demonstration, students were much more successful! Some students decide to start over by studying an animal with more information while others go back and reread their texts with a new perspective! 

  Modeling: Mid-Lesson Teacher Model
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Why do Animals Need Energy?

Unit 2: Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT explain why animals need energy to survive.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students learn about the four basic ways animals use energy to survive. Students will then apply this understanding by researching how specific animals use energy.

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Science, global warming, abiotic factors, ecosystem, Energy, animal, animal needs, research, idea web, decomposition, biotic
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