Reflection: Station Rotation Potentially Amazing Lab Station Rotation - Section 1: Initial Reflections and Connections to the NGSS and CCSS


Throughout my teaching career, I have had an increase in student engagement when students are allowed to travel through a series of lab stations connected to the same learning targets.  Each station provides them with an experience or encounter with the same target which promotes learning. 

Moreover, through experience and research on the adolescent brain, I have found that students can benefit from the kinesthetic movement between stations and the number of meaningful “starts” and “stops” in a lesson.  Both in teaching and coaching, I have found students most remember the first and last thing I say!  A set of lab stations allows them many “starts” and “stops” which increases the number of focused moments they dedicate to their learning.

  Lab Rotations: It's about meaningful starts and stops.
  Station Rotation: Lab Rotations: It's about meaningful starts and stops.
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Potentially Amazing Lab Station Rotation

Unit 5: Energy
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to describe and model situations in which different amounts of potential energy are stored in a system.

Big Idea: Students rotate through a series of cool labs focusing on potential energy that allows them to work on writing and communicating like a scientist in a fun way!

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