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This year, I chose to implement more structured routines and procedures. This helps my students to stay on task. Therefore, the song Talk to your Buddy alerts my students that it is time for them to turn and talk to their elbow buddy. I say: Talk to your Buddy and they begin to sing. This strategies is beneficial for my students because they know what I expect from them. In working with young students, it is important that they have routines and procedures in place. This permits them to grow and develop as an independent learner.

  Talk to my Buddy
  Routines and Procedures: Talk to my Buddy
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Grouping Animals

Unit 2: Animals
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWABT describe how animals are alike and different by using the characteristics of animal classification.

Big Idea: How are animals alike and different?

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Science, food chain, animal (Classification), Growth and Development, life science, animals, classification, Science Process Skills
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