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I decided to talk about items falling in a vacuum and that they would all fall at the same rate of speed.  I compared a ball and a feather.  I asked them why a feather might not fall as quickly from the ladder as the basketball.  Several of the students connected their thinking to the lesson that I did on friction and obstacles.  A student identified that the air under the feather slows the speed down and acts as an obstacle.  

Although this conversation was not one that each student connected too, it was beneficial for some of the students who understood the concepts and could apply them to a situational question.  As a teacher, I feel it is important and beneficial for all students to at least be hearing these conversations.

  Going Above and Beyond
  Advanced Students: Going Above and Beyond
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Falling Objects

Unit 2: Force and Motion
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Objective: SWBAT develop an understanding of the gravity concept.

Big Idea: In honor of the great Chicken Little, today's class will have stuff falling from the sky. Students will determine if objects fall at the same speed by testing a variety of objects as they let them fall from above

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Science, gravity (Physics), observations, 1st Grade, prediction, using tables, S1, S3
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