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When the students first started the experiment, the students noticed that the carrot top did not grow as expected.  I wanted the students to see growth immediately because I wanted to extend their knowledge to another lesson. After doing further research on growing carrot tops, I realized that I needed to buy carrot tops that had some growth on them already so the students would see  growth quickly.  I had cut all of the leaves off but I left about 1 inch of stems on the plant. The leaves returned on the plant relatively quickly in fact the next day. The students and I were really amazed at the growth that the carrot tops showed in 5 days.

  How to be sucessful in growing your carrot top?
  Real World Applications: How to be sucessful in growing your carrot top?
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Will My Carrot Top Grow Plants?

Unit 5: Plants
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Objective: SWBAT investigate the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil (hydroponics).

Big Idea: Can carrot tops grow and change with water?

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