Reflection: Adjustments to Practice A Food Web for Lunch - Section 4: Let's Share


In evaluating the students work, I noticed several of the students had problems with creating a food web. They understood how to create a food chain for themselves showing the food that they can eat. However, they did not show another food chain. Therefore, I worked with those students in small groups to model how can we show more than two food chains in their lunch food web. I really honed in on two or more food chains. In doing this, the students understood that they must create their model with two or more food chains. 

  Food Webs need two or more food chains.
  Adjustments to Practice: Food Webs need two or more food chains.
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A Food Web for Lunch

Unit 2: Animals
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Objective: SWBAT explain how the foods people eat are part of a food web.

Big Idea: How can food chains help you form a food web of your lunch?

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