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I love using "Wonder Bees!"  The main concept behind "Wonder Bees" is having the children generate their own questions.  Curiosity drives the inquiry process. This inquiry process helps develop our children as learners. This developmental concept is found both in the NGSS and the Common Core, but most of my second grade students were not able to pose good, solid questions.  They were used to answering questions, but not thinking of their own.  Since I am trying to have the students do this much more frequently than ever before, I developed this simple recording sheet.

To use it, the children must first decide which topic they wonder about.  In the lesson described, our topic was bees.  However, I have had the children use this same sheet in my "Think and Do" workstation and they can choose their own topic.  Then they stop and think about what they know about the topic and generate 3 questions about something they still want to find out about.  Next they complete research on the topic to see if they can find the answers to their questions. In my classroom, we use either an informational book or internet sites such as Pebble Go or Bookflix.  If they can find the answers, they write them in the connecting boxes and color in the bee.  If they cannot find the answers, then they check the box that says they need to keep on doing more research to find out the answers.  Curiosity is developed and rewarded.  My students are crazy for this!  I had several parents tell me that their child has come home and told them how much they enjoy researching!  Isn't that the bees knees?



  The Bees Knees!
  Student Led Inquiry: The Bees Knees!
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Ready? Set? Do the Waggle Dance!

Unit 3: Pollination and Seed Dispersal
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT will ask and answer questions about bees and pollination.

Big Idea: You can ask and then answer your own questions about bees and pollination. Then listen, watch and research to find your answers.

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