Reflection: Intervention and Extension Cheerful Shoppers - Section 2: Rattling the Coins


During this lesson several students seem to have difficulty understanding how to explain the quantity being multiplied.  To solve this problem I model how to problem solve in a small group setting.  As I went through each step of the problem solving stage I ask students to tell me what I needed to do next.  If some students are unable to, I will repeat this process until a level of understanding is reached. It is important for students to be given the opportunity to write and identify equations and statements for multiplicative comparisons.


5 x 8 = 40.

Sally is five years old. Her mom is eight times older. How old is Sally’s Mom?

5 x 5 = 25

Sally has five times as many pencils as Mary. If Sally has 5 pencils, how many does Mary have?


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Cheerful Shoppers

Unit 4: Working With Numbers!
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Objective: SWBAT to justify addition and subtraction of two- and three-digit whole numbers with and without regrouping using money.

Big Idea: Students love to shop! Students will use their own shopping list to compose a word problem using addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, in order to help them better understand how to problem solve.

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Math, reasoning, adding, subtracting
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