Reflection: Real World Applications What are the types of scientists? - Section 3: Exploration of the Types of Scientists


It is very difficult to have effective science discourse when students do not have a framework for discussion.  It is not rare for my student population to lack knowledge and exposure to specific scientific topics.  This is especially true for students who have not attend preschool.  Unfortunately, this is also true about those students who have some prior formal education. So, when students are asked to name various types of scientists and they have no response, it is understandable.


That being said, I expect my students to leave kindergarten with a wealth of science information and science experiences that lead to rich and interesting science discourse.  In fact, I know that they will have numerous investigations including observations and science discussions to draw upon in order to constructively contribute to future science conversations.  I also believe that their science mindset is being established now as a result of the experiences that they are encountering.  Being able to think like a scientist is a major feat for urban students.  Within the few months that my students have been learning about science, they have increased their scientific vocabularies and they have had numerous experiences that make science a real life application process.

  I Am Beginning to Learn About Scientists
  Real World Applications: I Am Beginning to Learn About Scientists
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What are the types of scientists?

Unit 2: Types of Scientists, You May or May Not Know
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Objective: Students will identify various types of scientists by using their science practices such as asking questions, collecting data, and viewing videos about them.

Big Idea: There are various types of careers in the field of science that students can explore and consider for career paths.

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