Reflection: Checks for Understanding Food Chains - Section 4: Evaluate


In looking at student work sample 1, the student needed support with understanding that most food chain starts with a sun.  However, the student did a great job showing how bigger animals (predators) eat smaller animals (prey).  I worked with this student one-on-one to discussed the error. I informed this student that the sun starts most food chain. Then the student observed another student' work.  I worked with two other students that had the same issues.

This students drew a sun in every box. In looking at student work sample 2, this student understood how a food chain works. She started her food chain with the sun and her model demonstrated the order in which living things get the food that they needed.  A majority of my students did an outstanding job with creating their food chain.   

As a recommendation, it is suggested that student understanding of food chains is scaffolded as follows:

-Students must understand that the sun is the primary source of all food chains and is necessary to support all life

-Next, students must understand that the sun provides energy and food for plants to grow

-Then, humans and animals harvest and eat the food that is grown from the energy from the sun. 

-Next, address the idea that humans and animals can eat other animals that derived energy from a plant that got energy from the sun.

-Last, students should be immersed in how sea creatures use the same food chain but underwater

  Creating a Food Chain
  Checks for Understanding: Creating a Food Chain
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Food Chains

Unit 2: Animals
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Objective: SWBAT describe a food chain.

Big Idea: How is a food chain like a chain?

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