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This is the first lab in a series to help students develop a working knowledge of density. The NGSS references density as an assessment criteria in the Life, Earth and Physical Science standards. Although it is not specifically found in the standards themselves, it most certainly must be taught and learned. Building students' understanding of density is fundamental for success.

This lab is about procedures, following step-by-step instructions, and making precise measurements. It is also an opportunity to observe what science skill sets students bring to the classroom. 

The goal of this lab is to refresh and refine student measurement skills using a graduated cylinder. Accurate measurements using a graduated cylinder will help students be successful in subsequent labs. We will be working towards find the density of water and developing our own step-by-step procedures for find the density of irregular object. Being proficient at reading a graduated cylinder will help students be successful moving forward.

Many of my students have had little or no experience in a science lab so this is an essential introduction for them. The students will make qualitative observations by recording the color of the liquid in each test tube and quantitative observations will be made as students measure and record the amount of liquid in each test tube at the end of the lab.

  The Need for this Lesson
  Routines and Procedures: The Need for This Lesson
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Rainbow Measurement

Unit 1: Density
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Objective: SWBAT follow step-by-step instructions to refresh and refine their skills using a graduated cylinder, record both qualitative and quantitative results in their science journal and discuss possible causes for differing results.

Big Idea: Students are scientists who collect quantitative and qualitative data, keep accurate records and evaluate possible causes for differing results.

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