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Providing time for students to write is time well spent. Time helps students to process the information learned in the lesson and to think critically.

I like to use Exit Slips because it helps me to see what students have learned and what they are thinking. Here is what students learned about microscopes:

  • microscopes use light to look at tiny things.
  • how to use each part of the microscope and why it's important to use it correctly.
  • there are many important parts to a microscope.
  • how to use a microscope, what a specimen is, and parts of a microscope.
  • that you never want a microscope near the end of the table.
  • microscopes are high powered tools.
  • how to control a microscope.
  • how to focus a microscope.

I also asked student to rate their understanding of microscopes. Most students rated their understanding between 7 - 10 (with 10 being the best). Overall, I'd say...Success!


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How To Use a Microscope

Unit 2: Pond Study: Collecting Data in the Field
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Objective: SWBAT navigate an interactive website to learn the parts of a microscope and how to focus a specimen.

Big Idea: How does a microscope work? What are its parts? Go online to use this interactive website, learn about the microscope, and examine a hidden world.

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