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No matter how many times I explain to the students that they are not to change their original answers, it is very difficult for them to admit they were wrong, and they always ending up doing just that. The first time I used this type of organizer, I was astounded by how many kids did change their first set of responses, even though it was not graded!

In order to prevent this, I make each student use pen on their work and do not allow them to cross out or white out their work. Knowing that they cannot erase, this helps to curb the urge to change their answers.

  Pens vs. Pencils
  Classroom Setup: Pens vs. Pencils
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Fins, Feathers, and Fur: How Animals Adapt

Unit 2: Zoology
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Objective: SWBAT describe how various adaptations allow animals to thrive successfully in their environment.

Big Idea: Each organism is adapted (physically and/or behaviorally) to live in its habitat and to obtain the things it needs in order to survive.

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