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Whenever I have students take notes on a topic, I am careful to give them some type of assignment that forces them to think about the material in some way.  This does not need to be very complex but thinking about the new information helps students to begin to make connections to the material in a way that helps them remember the information better.

With this information on the function of different regions of the brain, I thought it would be interesting to have the students consider the "best" and "worst" places in the brain to have an injury.  This made them look closely at the 14 regions they just learned about and compare/contrast them (informally) to determine which areas they could/could not live without and then explain their thinking.  

I was very impressed with the work that the students produced for this deceptively simple opinion paragraph, and with the activity overall.  As students took notes it was wonderful to hear them making comments such as "I wonder if people with ADHD have differences in their cerebellum than people who don't have it."  Students did a great job making connections to themselves and to some of the earlier lessons we have covered in this unit - this was definitely worth the time.

  Considering New Information
  Checks for Understanding: Considering New Information
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Brain Interactive

Unit 4: Information Processing
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Objective: SWBAT create a detailed model of the exterior and interior brain regions and apply this information to justify an argument on the most and least destructive areas to have a brain injury.

Big Idea: Students apply their new knowledge of the brain to determine the effects of different brain injuries.

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