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I don't give students unlimited time on this Rounding to Nearest 10 & 100 Pre-Assessment because if it takes them more than about twenty minutes to complete it, I know that they will benefit from more support with the skill.  Having students spend a long time with something that they truly don't know how to do, without giving them tools for a persistent, productive attack is a bad idea.  This was the old paradigm.  I work very hard not to do this, thus the constant formatives (formal and informal).  

It's essential to avoid assumptions about what background knowledge/skills they bring with them to my classroom.

  Thoughts About Pre-Assessments
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Rounding to the Ten's Place

Unit 7: Rounding
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT round numbers to the closest 10 and explain the strategy.

Big Idea: Once students master the concept behind rounding to the closest ten they can apply it to all other rounding!

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