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Like most teachers, I have read about the ways ways to help students understand concepts. Time and again one of the suggested methods it so attach an emotional connection with learning. We might wonder what's enjoyable about cranking a bike to generate power, but for students it is fun -- even exciting. Creating this type of learning experience is easy when you have the correct prop. 

Using a bike to generate electricity is an easy way to develop the connection.  There are few teachers that have a parent willing to build a bike on rollers for them but the idea is the same. I have had success with other equipment and tools purchased at dollar stores and hardware stores. Who knows what you could find at a municipal recycling station? I know I have been successful when a graduated student returns to visit me and asks, "Do you still have the bike? Can you pull it out?" 

  Emotional Learning
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Using a Generator To Light It Up!

Unit 4: Measuring Energy
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Objective: SWBAT test a physical model of a generator to create an understanding of the energy necessary to light up a light bulb.

Big Idea: How does using energy feel? This fun activity uses a bike and a motor! Students pedal to light up light bulbs to determine which bulb takes more physical energy to light.

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