Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Generating Data and Stats Practice - Section 1: Opener: Survey


When students get to the second question on the Stats Survey:

There is a lion running down the hall of North High School. It's coming right at you. What do you do?

They all stop and say, "Wait, what's up with this question?"  Then they start to laugh and wonder why they're answering such a bizarre question.  Next, they're asked questions about their texting habits, their families, their shoe sizes, and to guess the ages of some of their teachers.  Again, laughter, and then engagement.  

I always notice a shift in the vibe of my classes after students take this survey.  In the days that follow, as we look at some of the results, students are highly engaged, because the data is about them.  They remember their own answer to each question, and they're excited to see how everyone else answered.  (I make a big deal about the anonymity of this data -- I'm not trying to expose anyone personally with their answers to these questions - so we're only looking at class and grade-level sets of data.)

Fun, and joy, and opportunities to think very locally characterize the work we do for the first few weeks of this stats unit.  I'm proud that I'm able to incorporate laughter into a pretty rigorous study of these introductory stats standards.  But even without the connections to the curriculum, it's so valuable to have some fun, and the experience makes it that much easier for kids to participate in everything that follows.

  Getting (a Little) Weird
  Intrinsic Motivation: Getting (a Little) Weird
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Generating Data and Stats Practice

Unit 5: Statistics
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Objective: Students will complete a survey that generates some great data for upcoming lessons. They will also practice solving equations, interpreting box plots, creating histograms, and developing a conceptual understanding of mean.

Big Idea: Studying statistics is so engaging when the stats are real, so at the start of today's class, students provide some data that will be used in several upcoming lessons.

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