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When I told the students that we were going to model echolocation, we discussed the different ways we could imitate this process. One of the students came up with  making a noise and guessing where it’s coming from. What surprised me was, that though I told them that they could tap their book, and have the student guess, many decided to make the noise differently. When we discussed our findings, I asked why some of them chose to use their pencil boxes, or binders they said they "adapted" to the noise level in the room. It hadn't even occurred to me that the noise level would be such an issue. The students came away with a deeper understanding of the word "adapted" and a better understanding of how echolocation works.


  When students model their own ideas, it makes for a teachable moment
  Student Ownership: When students model their own ideas, it makes for a teachable moment
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Bats and Their Amazing Hearing

Unit 4: Bats
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Objective: Apply the concept of echolocation by using a model to explain the phenomena

Big Idea: Using a model helps build a deeper understanding of the animal adaptation phenomena

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