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This did not go as good as I hoped it would go! The students were very reluctant to share their stories with the entire class.  The student who was to repeat the story really couldn't give enough details to make the point.  I was able to use that to demonstrate which point of view provided more details, but the overall point of perspective did was not driven home very well.  

In the future, I would use a scripted out story to have the storyteller read to the student.  I still think it can be a great lead in to the lesson, I just believe the personal involvement created too much anxiety.  

I ended up telling a story about a driver driving down the road, when his windshield is suddenly hit by a rock which causes it to crack.  Upset, the driver stops, and looks in his rear view mirror.  He notices a young boy on the side of the road throwing rocks at cars as they pass.  Angry, he pulls over and gets out of his car ready to call the police and report the incident.  As he approaches the boy, he notices the boy's leg is twisted in an unnatural position.  He soon discovers the boy was riding his bike down the road, when he lost control of his bike, tumbled down a ravine and broke his leg.  After pulling himself up to the top of the ravine, he had to throw rocks at cars as they passed to get their attention.  

I used this story because it really helps the students understand perspective.  From the driver's perspective, the boy was misbehaving.  However, we learn the boy was just trying to get help.  

 This story really seemed to help the students understand the concept.   

  Advanced Organizer Reflection
  Gradual Release: Advanced Organizer Reflection
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Narrator and Point of View

Unit 2: Unit 1: Part II- Analyzing Text
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT analyze a text for clues that help a reader identify point of view in diverse forms of literature.

Big Idea: Students experience war through a young girl's perspective. As students read the diary entry, they analyze for point of view and perspective.

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