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This is a really complex problem and something that I don't expect that my students are just going to be able to solve on their own in one class period. However, there are certain aspects of the problem that are accessible and appropriate for all students.

I was glad that almost all of my students could create a circle to represent the cross section of the gas tank when it was 1/4 full. This image was representative of what many groups did to begin the problem. This student shaded the portion of the circle that she knew was 25pi square units. At this point many students got stuck and that is when I chose to start giving some hints to help them out.

  Complex Tasks: Beginning a Tough Problem
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NPR Car Talk Problem - Day 1 of 2

Unit 4: Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use trigonometric topics to solve a problem in context.

Big Idea: This problem from NPR's Car Talk is engaging, challenging, and mathematically rich!

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