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When we started talking about question #3, I started with this student's work who used a calculator to find the angle measure for arctan(3/4). I was happy that a few students were able to use their tools strategically to figure out the answer. Even more importantly, using the calculator reinforced that arctan(3/4) is an angle measure.

Some students used this same method but rounded the calculator answer. Their answer was really close to but not exactly 0.6. We had a quick discussion about why this is.

After students saw that the answer was something as simple at 0.6, a few students wondered if it was something we could have figured out without a calculator. This was our springboard to solving this problem with a right triangle and no calculator.

  Complex Tasks: Using Tools Strategically
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The Problems with Inverse Trig Problems

Unit 4: Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use inverse trig functions in a variety of contexts.

Big Idea: Highlight common hurdles of inverse trig functions to evoke deep thinking.

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