Reflection: Modeling How do Plants Capture Sunlight to Make Food? - Section 4: Reflect & Apply


Sometimes I forget how powerful student discourse in the form of written feedback can be during science! However, teaching students HOW to give helpful feedback is an ongoing process. After collecting and reading through the Tic-Tac-Toe sheet for each team, I decide to have a 10 minute conversation about effective feedback and ineffective feedback using student Tic-Tac-Toe sheets as models. One each of the following pages, I draw attention to feedback with highlighted marks and ask students: Is this feedback effective and helpful? Why or why not? 

Gallery Walk Feedback 1

On this page, I love how team wrote, "Can you describe how the plant could use the the sun's energy more?" We discuss how this question might lead the team to explain the process in which plants use the sun's energy.


Gallery Walk Feedback 2

I love this high level question, "What would it be like if the plant didn't use photosynthesis?" This is the type of question that encourages students to really think about the photosynthesis process! 


Gallery Walk Feedback 3

On this page, a team wrote, "I agree with the last one." This turns out to be a great opportunity to discuss the importance of being specific. Students also agreed to number facts in the future so that it's easier for other teams to leave feedback. 


Gallery Walk Feedback 4

Here, a team wrote, "I agree with #1 because they do use..." and another team wrote, "I disagree that plants are the most complex life on Earth ________." Both of these present opportunities to discuss the importance of using precise language (by avoiding he, she, it, they) and the importance of explaining why you disagree by writing "I disagree with ___ because..." 


Gallery Walk Feedback 5

This page included one of my favorite feedback examples, "The part about "glucose and oxygen from the sun," is confusing because that stuff doesn't come from the sun." I celebrated this team for explaining why this statement was confusing.  

  Modeling: Reflecting on the Gallery Walk
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How do Plants Capture Sunlight to Make Food?

Unit 2: Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT explain how plants capture energy from sunlight to produce food.

Big Idea: Students research the photosynthesis process in order to construct an evidence-based argument that plants capture the sun's energy to make food. After creating a poster to present their team's argument, students will participate in a Gallery Walk.

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