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I am very careful when I decide how to group students. In some lessons, it is  important that students work together on a group project. In other lessons, I may need to form partnership based on academic performance levels. Sometimes, it doesn't matter one way or the other and the students can pick, and I consider it a lesson in choosing responsibly so you get your work done!

This time, I need academic partners because the reading might be more rigorous. So, as I choose partners, I make sure that for each low reader I have a middle or high reader. Basically, I think of it this way:

Low readers need middle or high partner

Middle partners need middle or high partners

High partners need partners who will work with them.

I have about 6 low readers and 6 high readers, and the rest fall somewhere in between. I also consider their work ethic because my high readers will get easily frustrated if their partner does not do any work, so I make sure that the partners will work well together, too. I am also careful with the level of text that I am providing for students, making sure I have something on every topic on different reading levels. Purposefully building my classroom library to include non-fiction texts on the scientific objectives for first grade has been an ongoing goal of mine. I find books at yard sales, second hand book stores, and online and add them a few at a time. I also seek out donations and grants for books, so I have a good collection to use!

  Student Grouping: Strategic Partners
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Basic Needs of Plants

Unit 5: Living Organisms - Plants
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the basic needs of plants.

Big Idea: Plants need lots of the same things as animals, with one addition - light!

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Science, First Grade, 1.L.2.1 Summarize the basic needs of a variety of different plants (including air, water, nutrients, and light) for energy and growth.
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