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During this conference, Corn Grows from Stalks, I hear one student explain that she doesn't think that corn will grow plants will grow from the Indian corn because "corn grows on stalks." Now, I wonder if she was referring to a corn plant growing or a corn on the cob growing.

Either way, I'm reminded that one of the best ways to develop student understandings, challenge misconceptions, and inspire curiosity is to provide students with a hands-on investigation.  

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Growing Understandings
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Do Plants Need Soil?

Unit 2: Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT explain how plants get what they need to grow.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students will be investigating whether or not plants can grow without soil by watching a video on hydroponics gardening and completing three simple investigations.

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Science, global warming, abiotic factors, ecosystem, plant, plant needs, hydroponics, investigation, decomposition, biotic
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