Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Which came first???? The apple or the seed? - Section 5: Follow up to Earlier Misconceptions


This lesson proved to be easier at points than I anticipated and harder at the same time. I was so impressed with how easily the children fell into figuring out the life cycle of the apple.  That was a simple task and they had no troubles relating their prior learning to figure it out.  In fact, they did it much more quickly than I thought they would. 

What stumped me a bit was the idea that some of the children had of a house having a life cycle.  A house is an inanimate object so I was surprised when this idea was thrown out.  I wanted to make sure I revisited the concept before the end of the lesson. I did not want this misconception floating around and any child who still believed that a house could have a life cycle dispelled.  The life cycle content will return in more lessons as the year progresses.  The knowledge and understanding needs to be solid in order to continue furthering our learning. 

  Discourse and Questioning: Questions
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Which came first???? The apple or the seed?

Unit 3: Unit 3 - Apples, Pumpkins and Bread!! OH! My!!
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Objective: SWBAT to determine the cycle of an apple tree.

Big Idea: Understanding that life cycles apply to more than just living breathing creatures can sometimes be difficult. Knowing that a plant can have a cycle as well, can be challenging.

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Science, plants, life cycle, apple tree
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life cycle of the apple tree
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