Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Improving Our Vanilla Plant Pollinators - Section 4: Improve!


Some of my children learned the hard way that you should focus on making improvements that make a difference.  I did tell the children to make improvements that would make their pollinator more effective or studier, but I had two groups that choose to make the pollinator longer when it wasn't necessary.  

From the get-go I had a group that made their pollinator kind of like a fishing pole and it was the envy of the class.  So some groups tried to copy that idea and lost sight of the objective.  Their pollinator was not more effective, just longer.  They were disappointed that in the second tests, theirs did not show any improvements.  I guess that is all part of the learning curve and made for great conversation.  Next time I can guarantee that those children will think differently!  We all learn from our mistakes!

  Frivalous Improvements
  Adjustments to Practice: Frivalous Improvements
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Improving Our Vanilla Plant Pollinators

Unit 3: Pollination and Seed Dispersal
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: Using the results from testing, the SWBAT make improvements on a design to make it more effective and/or studier.

Big Idea: Engineers learn from their mistakes to make improvements on their designs to make them even better!

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