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As students are working on this assessment, I tell them that I am also assessing how they collaborate as scientists and perform as a team.  Although the language is heavily scaffolded for them, they have to write a two part question and complete the frame to write a conclusion.  They have to identify variables and negotiate meaning.  This is a new activity for many of my students.  They are working with unfamiliar language and completely new concepts.  Cognitively demanding tasks can lead to to disagreements and misbehavior.  I know that for this first assessment, I need to provide a high level of support, yet still push my students to rely on each other and work together.  

We have much to learn this year!  If I can't get them to cooperate and collaborate, especially with complex tasks, then it will impact the learning of the entire classroom.  This is the perfect type of assessment for this time of year.

In this Mid Unit Assessment Screencast I discuss the positive implications for my English Language Learners and show a student example.

  Performance Tasks: Collaborative Assessment
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What's The Matter Plaid Pete?: Mid-Unit Assessment

Unit 1: What's The Matter Plaid Pete?
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Objective: SWBAT show what they know about the 8 Science Practices of the Next Generation Science Standards and conducting controlled experiments.

Big Idea: Students take a 3 part Mid-Unit Assessment, before moving on to apply their new Science skills in investigations around the Disciplinary Core Ideas of Matter and Its Interactions.

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