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I came across the Conservation of Matter Assessment Manual published by researchers at George Washington University.  It was funded through the National Science Foundation.  This document states that “Many scientists consider the conservation laws, (conservation of mass and energy), to be the most fundamental laws in nature.”  This document further notes that a common misconception students at this age level have, is that weight is not conserved in a reaction in which gas is created.  In this End of Unit Assessment Screencast, I discuss an example of one such student misconception.

 While this document was created back in 2004, and was intended for an 8th Grade population, the Next Generation Science Standards have now made this content applicable for 5th Grade.  This manual has additional items to assess students' understanding of conservation of mass in closed systems, where a gas appears as a result of a chemical reaction.

  Assessing Student Understanding of Scientific Concepts
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What's The Matter Plaid Pete? Unit Assessment

Unit 1: What's The Matter Plaid Pete?
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Objective: SWBAT show what they know about the properties of matter.

Big Idea: Students take a 3 part Unit Assessment,and apply their understanding of the Disciplinary Core Ideas of the Properties of Matter and the crosscutting concepts, as well as using their knowledge of vocabulary, and scientific models.

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