Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Just a Little More Fun with Fossils! - Section 3: Research, Vocabulary & Comparison


I don't like the reading that I have chosen for this lesson. The vocabulary is great, but I saw my students get very bogged down in searching it out. Could it be because their skim and scan skills are weak? Perhaps. While I wanted some high level vocabulary integrated in and I felt that they had been exposed to a lot of background knowledge before I inserted it in, I still think I could do a better job at finding something more reader friendly. I neglected to differentiate when the opportunity was knocking!

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  Adjustments to Practice: I Don't Like This!
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Just a Little More Fun with Fossils!

Unit 2: Fossils
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT compare and infer understanding of how the Earth's rock layers tells a story.

Big Idea: Students are engaged in extended interactive and reading activities about early prehistoric life that builds upon their knowledge of how the Earth has changed through time.

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