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The California Energy Commission is a fantastic source for lots of energy activities. I use this site as a go-to site when my fast paced learners finish an assignment and are ready for more. Although it is younger looking, I like the cartoon-y feel of the site. I have had students play the games and watch the movies. The Peanut Investigation in this lesson is an adaptation of their free lesson, Peanut Power. 

When I use this site for the fast paced students, I always give them a reason to surf the site. I ask them, "Would you like to see a movie?" "Would you like to check out some investigations?" "Would you like to play some games?" I tell them that I am always looking for material that can help student learning. Student discovery and evaluation is a powerful motivational tool. By suggesting they use these resources to help me evaluate shows a deep respect of their learning and builds ownership and community.

This strategy has worked for me time and again. Students look over material and report to me. I'll use their suggestions and modify an existing lesson plan or make a new lesson plan to accommodate their extra work. I have embedded many of the materials they suggested into lessons. My strategy is a triple bonus; I save time, the students feel appreciated, and I find a material that will enhance learning. 

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Measuring the British Thermal Unit

Unit 4: Measuring Energy
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify a British Thermal Unit as a measurement of energy. This lesson integrates science practices with mathematical reasoning.

Big Idea: Students can be better stewards of their energy uses by understanding how energy is measured. This lesson helps students understand British Thermal Units.

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