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Using technology as a platform for accessing and completing labs provides students with a variety of tools and information.  In this lab, students were required to complete a data table and a graph to display their data.  Using the Chromebooks in the lab enabled students to use the technology program of their choice to complete this task.  Some of the students inserted tables within their Google Doc while others utilized familiar websites (Create a Graph) or Google Spreadsheet.  This allowed students to use the tools they were comfortable with or to try out new tools.  By not dictating exactly which tool to use to create their data tables and graphs, the students are also provided with choices regarding how to complete their assignment.  This are choices that they will begin to face more frequently in higher levels of academia, so this is one small step toward helping them navigate that independence.  In this clip, students decided to use Google Spreadsheet to create their data table.

  Student Ownership: Student Choice Through Technology
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Reaction Rates - Flipped (Day 2)

Unit 2: Chemistry
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Objective: SWBAT identify various factors that can increase and decrease a reaction rate and then manipulate those factors in the lab.

Big Idea: In this lesson students will briefly review key information about reaction rates before designing their own experiments to complete a chemical reaction.

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