Reflection: Discourse and Questioning The 6 Kingdoms of Life: The Plant Kingdom - Section 3: Explore


One of my struggles as a teacher is to continually encourage students to think about their learning! I want my students to ask questions and respond to the text as they research plants instead of just reading the words on the page! During this conference, Thinking While Researching, I continually ask this student questions to push his further and further:

What do you think those tube-like structures are? (a trunk

What else could those tube-like structure be? (a stem)

What do the tube-like structures do? (suck up water)

What else do they carry? (nutrients and other substances)

So if a vascular plant has these tube-like structures and a nonvascular plant doesn't, how do you think nonvascular plants get water and nutrients? (maybe it rains on them)

Do you think moss sometimes absorb rain? (yeah)

Do you think moss could absorb water from the ground too? (probably)


  Discourse and Questioning: Encouraging Students to Think
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The 6 Kingdoms of Life: The Plant Kingdom

Unit 2: Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT explain how plants with different structures meet their own needs.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students learn about the classifications of plants within the plant kingdom. Then, students further research plant structures while analyzing how different plants meet their needs.

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