Reflection: What's The Matter Plaid Pete? Unit Review - Section 2: Focus & Motivation


One of the most important factors that will encourage students to persevere in the face of difficult content - is success.  However, if they lack the skills to be successful, this will be a difficult task indeed.

I used to repeatedly ask my students who failed quizzes and exams, "Did you study?"  It took me awhile to realize that I was asking the wrong question.  The question I needed to ask was, "Do you know how to study?"  When I began asking that question - the answer was oftentimes - "No."  Many of our students simply do not have study skills, and there is nobody available in their environment to teach them.

I began to realize that if I wanted students to be successful on the tests I administered, I would need to teach them how to study for those tests.  I began to create study guides, then taught my students how to create their own study guides.  I followed the same "I do, then we do, then you do" format that I followed for general instruction.

Time spent teaching study skills pays off!  Students are more successful and take greater ownership of their learning.  This handout from the Association for the Supervision of Curriculum Development gives additional information and suggestions.  

  Teaching Study Skills
  Teaching Study Skills
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What's The Matter Plaid Pete? Unit Review

Unit 1: What's The Matter Plaid Pete?
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Objective: SWBAT use study strategies to review for the unit assessment on matter.

Big Idea: How do you study for a test? What are some strategies that can be easily used and will lead to success on assessments? Students learn how to use a study guide and games to review for the unit assessment.

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